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he believd, I told him Majr. Howard has not Rd it unless it was from his hands, he sd. Howard did not rd. it from him. I then told him I should apply to the court, to compell him, to act for it, he answerd he did not care, at our next court I mov’d ye court to appoint some person to settle with ye. sd. Mead, the court appointed Mr. Gailey, Mr. Callaway and myself And we found upwards of twenty thousand pounds of tobo. due from ye. sd. Mead to Bedford County, and this deponent further saith, he with William Irvine was solicited by John Talbot William Mead to arbitrate a dispute between them, relating to a debt this deponent understood was owing to the said Talbot from one Isabell who this deponent understood resides in Carolina. Where William Mead had been who, it appeared to this deponent on the tryal of the sd. dispute had been impowered by the said Talbot to recover the debt due to said Talbot from Isabell. [page missing] likewise appeared that said Talbot had, on said Mead return from Carolina procured the said Mead to be brought into Bedford Court, by virtue of an attachment as a garnishee who swore he had none other of the said Isabell effects in his hand but one horse which was condemned to the use of said Talbot, and sold, it likewise appeared to this deponent from the said Meads bond to the said Isabell under a large penalty to pay the debt due to said Talbot as well as another debt due to John Payne that the said Mead was liable to John Talbot for about twenty pounds and from several depositions, had received from Isabell in Carolina sufficient effects not only to pay the said Talbot his debt but likewise to pay the said Mead for his trouble and expense he had been at, in collecting the same this deponent further saith therefore, after deducting the amt of the sale of the horse he with the said Irvine awarded that the said Mead should pay