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The deposition of James Callaway gent. of lawfull age, being first sworn deposeth and saith, that some years ago, on being appointed by the court of Bedford county one of the persons to state and settle the claims of the said county against Colo. William Mead, late sheriff of the county aforesaid for a quantity of tobacco which was supposed to be wrongfully detained by the said Mead, and pursuant to the said order and report was returned to court, finding that said Mead was in arrear about twenty one thousand pounds of tobo:; this deponent further saith, that Colo. William Mead when he was sheriff of the said county of Bedford exposed to sale a negro wench belonging to Robert Burton, which he bought for about £26. some time afterwards the said Burton applied to the said Mead for the said wench, and offered him the sum of twenty six pounds for her, and from some promise of Colo: Meads to the said Burton he expected to get the said wench again for that sum (as he this deponent understood) Colo: Mead reply to the said Burton was, that his negro fellow Will, had taken the said wench to wife, and he did not chuse to part them, upon which Burton said that it might be hard upon his fellow to part with his wife, but that it would be much harder upon his the said Burtons wife to part with the said wench. Colo. Mead then said he choose to keep her as he expected to be sued for her- Burton the replied that he would give him bond and security for the return of the negro, in case he the said Mead was sued and should be cast, and offered him the thirty six pounds which