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Was refused by Colo. Mead- The deponent being ask’d whether he signed an attachment for William Mead against James Dillon, saith he did not- The deponent being further asked whither he did not understand that there was a great intimacy between Colo. Mead and Mr Isham Talbot answers that he did- And further this deponent saith not. James Callaway Taken and sworn to before us this first day of July 1773} Robt. Ewing John Patrick Robr. Cowan Gross Seruggs Gny Smith Chas. Lynch This depone[n]t being asked whether James Donald ever proposed to him to endeavour to get Mr. Mead turned out of his comission on account of his bad character; and at which time this proposal was made; answerith that sometime before William Callaway (then county lieutenant for Bedford) resigned his commission, James Donald did makes such a proposal to this deponent who was then a majistrate in this county; and that this deponent believes he [answered?] Mr Donald that he tho’t Mr. Mead ought to be twined out of his commissions, and should have been for it if he had been called upon by the court to join in a representation of his carector to the council; but that he refused to close with the proposal made by Mr. Donald. This deponent saith he would have been induced to join in a representation of Mr. Mead’s conduct from his general character, and his conduct in an affair of trade respecting themselves. This deponent being asked by Mr. Mead to explain the trade affair, saith that he was a partner with him and another person in the selling of liquors about the year 1760 at the camp then on the frontiers; that he had reasons defrauded Part