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The Memorial of James McCraw humbly Sheweth; that the Reverend James Towlis formerly of the Parish of Antrim and County of Halifax did on the 9th day of January 1767 Solemnly make his last will and Testament, wrote wholy with his own hand, and set his signature thereto- That the said James Towlis in his said last will and testament devised his whole estate in lands & slaves to his friends in Brittain, "excepting out of the slaves two named Molly and John who are to have their liberty as far as the Constitution, usage & laws shall permit." That the said James Towless also did on the 7th day of April 1770, by a special writing with his own hand, "leave Thomas [Finny?] in possession of his people and plantation until he returned"- That in a short time after the last mentioned date, the said James Towlis set off southward & has never yet returned. That the said Thomas [Finny?] being aged and infirm, not capable to discharge the trust reposed in him by the said James Toulis, did on the 20th day of November 1779, make his last will and testament, and in a short time departed this life. That the said Thomas [Finny?] in his said last will & Testament did leave his care and trust of the said Estate in the hands of Stephen Dickson and your memorialist. That in consequence of the said Thomas [Finny’s] request and  leaving the said Stephen Dickson & your memorialist his Executors, your Memorialist has been in possession of the said Molly and John ever since the 20th of November 1779. That the said James Towlis never returned nor any of his heirs to demand or receive the said Estate. Your memorialist begs leave further to inform your Honourable House that the said last will and testament of James Towlis dec’d never made its publick appearance until the 24th day of July 1792 when it was exhibitted into Court by Thomas Dickson, proven and ordered to be recorded. That by means of the said Will's being secreted, the said Molly and John were unjustly keped in slavery. Your memorialist also begs leave to inform, that since the said Molly & John has been in his possession & many years since the death of the said James Towlis (who was confessed by both their Masters and natural Father) the said Molly had been delivered of five children, whose names and ages are as follows, to wit, Abba 13 years-Fleming 10 years- Liza 8 years.- Allan 5 years. and Mary one year. That the said Molly and John are sound of body and limbs, the first 32 years of age and the latter 24- That ever since his acquaintance with them in his family, they behaved with uncommon industry and integrity, and as slaves are much esteem’d That the children above mentioned are sound and healthy & now in his family. In tender consideration of all and singular the premises above mentioned, your memorialist fully confiding in the wisdom and virtue of your Honourable House do [this?] in behalf and on account of the said Slaves, humbly pray that you will