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In Henrico County Court, August the 4th. 1823. Ordered that the Sheriff of this County make sale of Mills a negro slave, committed to the Jail of this County as a runaway the property of Isaac Griffin of Halifax County, North Carolina, having first advertised the time and place of sale for thirty days in some newspaper published in the City of Richmond and return an account of such Sale to the Court. By virtue of the within order I did on the 20th. September 1823, (after having first advertised time for thirty days in the Richmond Enquirer) expose to sale the within named negro man Mills, and James A. Grant became his purchaser at the price of three hundred and Seventy dollars, and after deducting the expences as stated below, there still remains in my hand the Sum of two hundred and twelve dollars and twenty five cents which I am ready to account for according to law. Jno. S. Tate depy for Wm [William] Price S.H.C. Amount of Sale $370. Comss. 18.50 [total=]351.50

Jailor's bill...120.75 Clerk's fee...2.00 Doctor Carrington's bill...6.50 Doctor Dove's ..do.[ditto]...5.00 Bills for advertising...5.00 [total=]139.25

[351.50 -]139.25[=]$212.25