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I Samuel J. Cramer Clerk of the County Court of Jefferson hereby certify, that the foregoing transcript is a true copy of the account filed in my office, and that the sale of said negro Caroline was made in conformity to law.


Samuel J. Cramer JC

Copy of account No. 1

Commonwealth of Virginia Dr.

       To John Jackson late Sheriff of Jefferson County


May 31 To receiving Negro Caroline a runaway in Jail .50

  "           To Boarding same up to the 24th day of February 1829
                 making 278 days at 25 cts per day                                             69.50
  "           To furnishing 6 yards of muslin at 12 1/2 cts pr yd                               75
               To furnishing 12 yards of cotton at 18 3/4 cts pr yd.                          2.25
               To John S. Gallaher Bill for advertisment printer                                3.25
               To repair shoes                                                                             1.50
               To making two shifts & two frocks at 25 cts each                             1.00

A copy Teste S. J. Cramer JC