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In Charles City County [forrel?] the 19 day of August 1830 The Jailor of this County, having reported to the [Court?] that there is now confined in his jail a negro man by the name of [Finley?] has a Runaway. [This] [ridined?] that Peter [Sadd] James [Nomer] and Joseph Foekes who being first [seuorn ], do value the [sale?] [mon.] [Finley] and [report?] the same to the [Court?] The [Cossienefsecssers?] appointed by the [Clerk?] to [appraise?] a Runaway now confined [with?] Jail of [the County?] named [Fenley?], [released?] their [report?] from which it [appears?] that the [sau?] Runaway is worth the [seen?] of Thirty dollars. His [illegible] [that?] the [illegible] of the [County?] sell the [saw?] Runaway at [Publee?] auction for cash at Charles City Courthouse [althe?] [novel?] Court after he shall have been [aouerleued?] as [sequenced?] by [Saer?] and out of the proceeds of sale pay the charges for apprehending and [separating?] said runaway, and the [surpluses?] of any [dispeso?] of according to law. [Sophers?] [Taste?] Ro [lu?] Charles Co. [Cu?] [Pinsulant?] to an [cercles?] of the County Court of Chas City of the 19 of August 1830. [cheeking?] a sale of a negro man named Fenley then confined in the Jail of said County I proceeded on the 21 day of October 1830 at the Courthouse of Charles City County to sell the said negro [mon?] Fenley as [deseeded?] by the [over?] above [members?], after having [advertised?] the [name?] and place of sale as [reguized?] by Saw. When he was [free changed?] [by?] [In Ob Chreshan?] at the [Juice?] of sixty one dollars...$61. From which [deduced?] [Shffs?] [Commissions?] @ [3 O Five?]...3.05 [illegible] fees for supporting 8 days, Committing [illegible]...25.50 [Ceks?] fee for [copying mens] [illegible]...2. [Printer] [fax] for advertising...225 Fee for apprehending...5. 37.80 23.20 [Dealership?] A Copy Teste Ro:W:[Chustian Co.?]