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Know all men by these presents that I Horace Palmer of the county of Muklenburg and state of Virginia have made and appointed and by these presents do made and appoint Nathaniel Alexander of said county and state my lawfull attorney for me and in my [illegible] to received of the auditer of publick accounts the sum of $36.66 the amount of balance sale of negroe man Stephen sold in the county of Nicholas for jail fees. And in [illegible] thereof to give such acquittance or discharge for the same amount of money or as much as may be due me for sale of said negroe) as I might doe if I were personally present. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 16th April 1831 Horace Palmer seal Witness [illegible] Hendrick John [U?] Wright Dear Sir I received yours of 1st April in answer to my letter and viewed its contents and have endeavored to furnish you with the necessary [illegible] and testimony to enable you to obtain the balance of money coming to me for sale of Stephen. I feel truly thankfull for the attention you paid my letter and the information you gave me I must ask the favour of you again on this business above you have a power of attorney authorising you to [illegible] the amount that may be due me in the treasury. Also the affidavit of Mr. Miss Hendrick [Daves?] and myself showing beyond doubt that negroe sold was my property your attention to this will much oblige your sincest. friend your neighbours are generally will. Horace Palmer April 14th 1831