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The undersigned who was by an order of the worshipful the county court of Smyth County made the 17th day of September 1850 appointed to make sale of Jim Smith a runnaway confined in jail begs leave to report that obedience to said order, after having advertised the time and place of sale for one month in the [Alytheville?] Republican did on Tuesday the 22nd of October 1850 (been of the the first day of the October term of said court) in front of the court house door of said county sell at public outcry for cash the said Jim, when James I Bendleton being the highest and best bidder became the purchaser of said boy Jim for the sum of six hundred and seventy six dollars The following is a statement of the amount of the proceeds of sale after deducting commission jailor’s and other fees and other [illegible] expenses viz: Amount of sale as above 676.00 Deduct 5 percent commission on amount of sale 33.80 $642.20 Deduct jailor’s and other fees and charges allowed by court a statement of which accompanies this report} 141.73 Serving in my hand to be paid into the treasury of commonwealth} $500.47 All of which is respectfully submitted (Signed) A Williams At a court held for Smyth County the 21st day of November 1850 Alfred C Williams jail or of this county who was by an order of this court made the 17th day of September last to make sale of Jim a runnaway slave confined in jail this day made his (the above) report therein which said report being inspected by the court the same was received and ordered to be filed and a copy transmitted to to the [illegible] of public accounts as required by law. And the said Williams also filed with said report a statement of jailor’s fees and other charges which being sworn to by him in open court was allowed by the court. A copy teste J I Bendleton C