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[transpor]ting the heavy commodities of the country; they feel a strong confidence that the representatives of Virginia will not permit this enterprise to languish for want of funds.

The present calculations of the sum necessary for completing the road, do not vary materially from those heretofore presented to the Board of Public Work. In relation to the branch of the report they deem it important to remark, that from the termination of the gravelling near Proctors Creek, to the southern extreamity of the middle section; a distance of upwards of three miles, the road runs entirely over a sandy soil, from whence the thin loose surface bring thrown off; a firm substratum is brought into view, which while it gives sufficient resistance to the pressure of carriage wheels, is at the same time very easy for horses to travel over. The portion of the road so situated they are clearly of opinion would not have its value diminished by having gravel withheld from it; nor does the contiguous country furnish it. In excusing the company from applying it, the Legislature would subject the community to no injury -- would hasten the completion of the turnpike, and very materially abridge the expence thereby to be incurred. From all these considerations the Directors indulge a hope that the Legislature will be disposed to exonerate them from gravelling this part of the road; and they look with the greater Ga-14

greater confidence for such indulgence from reflecting that under the general turnpike law, a covering of stone, or gravel is required only "where necessary"

I am with great respect Sir Your obedient servant James Henderson President

To the Secretary of the Board of Public Works} A true copy Ro R Miller Clerk Ga-15