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Image 2 of 71 Wyndam Bolling Blanton Diary, 7 July-3 August 1915 July 7, 1915

    The Niagara docked this morning at 2 while I was get asleep. Many silly passengers ere still on deck, I believe. We were up to a 7 o'clock breakfast landed at 7:30 following a short sauce & the port inspectors at wh. our passports were approved. The customs were a farce -- no inspection. By 9;30 were off to see the town, Bordeaux, some 500,000 Frenchmen are supposed to live here. To a hastey examination (we had only 3 hours) the city appeared ancient, Thrifty and dirty. It is decidedly foreigh if that phrase means anything. It does to an American youth seeing this first French town. For one Franc we rode in a Cab: baggage across the town to the Gare! We than went to cable our safe arrival to america.