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Image 3 of 71 Wyndam Bolling Blanton diary, 7 July-3August 1915

Berlin on the autopsy table. People seem to live longer in Europe than in America. Decidedly more women have Moustaches here than in America. This was a mutual observation. Moreover there are lots of asseses & dogs to be seen, little donkeys hauling loads much larger than their own mass. The buildings appear very old. They are for the most part white stucco with red tile roof. They are perfectly plain & unrelieved

    We caught the 11 o'clock express to Paris. We had 2nd class compartments (13 of us who came over on the Niagara), and very comfortably we spent the day of travel.  It was wonderful day & we were running thru the heart of France, the richest agricultural Country of Europe. Germany can't touch it. Such verdancy - we had never seen. Fields that spoke the last work in the Science of Horticulture and farming. It was the hay season and ripe grass was being mowed and hauled to the barns. Oxen were in evidence and no horses. The war? Women were in the fields with men doing the same work. By accurate count we saw more women n the fields than men. Every man with his spouse worked in the fields. A social freak, a war time necessity, an economity