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normality, a [proteup?] procedure I don't know, but I wonder. The wheat rye + oats are non ripe: we saw numbers of American [binders?] on the freight cars. Just out of Bordeaux there are vineyards [c?] grape vines growing on sticks. Quantities of [Judiau?] [cooth?] were to be seen! The fields are separated by lines of tall poplars + closely set shrubs. The country became more rolling. As all went north, we were admirers of this exquisite country until we came to our first [tower?] of size - [Augonleine?] with its [sepulchrally?] white houses. We next passed thru Poitiers - a thousand memories of school days flooded my mind - my old preceptor [Julius?] Leigh and my knowledge of French history gathered at his feet - Those stuff old fights of older times when French opposed English, when, one English man was worth 5 Frenchmen because they were [stont?] of heart + [illegible] + Could shoot an arrow straight, as the [Sicly?] French mobility with a pseudo-courage changed furiously against them to lose a battle, their king + their lives. We soon [illegible] Tours, a very pretty town of [soooo of?] the Loire. Up the valley, with its wonderful chateaux on the side we ran to [ illegible] to Orleans of Joan of Arc fame. A little after 8 o clock to come into the Gare