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d'Orsay, Paris. It was a glorious [illegible?]. It was sunset - a red brilliant sun set that formed a background of gold for the city of our dreams. The glow stood the great Eiffel Tower at its base the city and we were entering Paris. Dr. [Brewer?} + his charming wife met the tram. Their son [Laddie B.?] was coming with us. Dr. B. was in military uniform + showed his [consciousness?]. He was most cordial, however + advised not to go to Neuilly that night. We went on [illegible} in a var for 7.3. Cheap! It was a long beautiful drive then thru the heart of Paris. It was 9:30 when we came to the American Ambulance hospital. Astonishment in a mild way of saying that we were overcome with the university and handsomeness of our place of abode. The hospital occupied a plot of land corresponding to the city blocks at [home?]. It is so new that it is not furnished. It is a four story brick building with stone finishings. It is built in the form of a semicircle, the ends being joined as a diameter, and inside court is Thus formed. There are towers on either end + a large central turret, which bears a clock + flies the red cross flag. It is an ideal hospital with beautiful well lighted wards.