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There are nearly 600 beds under 3 services.

We were surprised to find the hospital absolutely dark. We found that it was a military order designed to protect the building from German air raids. The hospital had a narrow escape sometime past. We were cordially welcomed by lamp light and conducted thru the dark corridors by a captain bearing a lantern. Up to the ambulance drivers dormitory we went first. (A closely crowded place on the top floor containing about 50 beds). But when our identity was better established we were taken to the staff rooms where we spent the night. What a night! Sleep? I guess not. Who could close their eyes at will their first night in Paris. Paris at war and you part and parcel of it all? For long hours I lay awake, while the events of the day revolved in my poor head like a nightmare of wonderful and impossible dreams. A glorious night, and as I lay on my back and looked up thru the open window at the firmament studded with stars it was a strange feeling that possessed me. As a boy I have found myself alone in the great woods at night when the call of the owl, and the bull frogs base voice were all that