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it. Sept 12 15 A trip to Versailles! We went on the electric train in about 1/2 hr. We naturally made our way first to the palace. A huge structure of a heavy architecture said to have cost $100000000 & being capable of housing 10000 people. In the court to the front are many celebrities of of France. Beautiful views are to be had. The gardens are geometrically laid out c great straight vistal, which shows gorgeous streaks of sunshine here & there & invite you to follow them out. The fountains were not playing. The trianons wer also worth seeing. The rustic hamlet built by the artificial lake to afford the ladies of the court a taste of Rousseaus notion of nature was pretty enough for me to photograph. Then we went thru the building of carriages. Exquisite they were, Napoleans Louis's Madame de Maintenons. We finished & went to see an English hospital where a Capt. showed us around. A beautiful building for surgical cases. Tents on the green for medical cases. We came in on the steam train. We rode on a 2 story train on the 2nd story. Hard