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To the Honourable the Governour in Councill James Pittillo humbly Petitions Whereas your Petr [petitioner] entred a Caveat and Summones against Thomas and John Leath, Heirs of John Ledbetter Dec[ease]d of the county of Prince George, and they not appearing, your Petr obtained a Certificate from the Councill Board Dated the 15th day of June 1745 for to have a Pattent for the land, 400 Acres more or less, but Collo Bolling the Surveyr how strenously set himself in opposition Right or wrong agt. your petr. in favour of all Delinquents of this kind, and has kept the Rights and Survey of the said Land in his own Possesion about 15 years, to the Damage of his Majestys Revenue in Defrauding him of the Quitrents. And the said Leaths themselves haveing refused the Land, notwithstanding the Surveyr. wo'd not show your Petr. the Records wh ought to be the true Test in these matters, and refused him a Coppey of the Survey, nor a Platt of the land, tho yr. Petr. offered him Payment for it, But allways Defames yr. Petr. for following that imployment, saying that he does not aprove nor will he Encourage any such Proceedings, It being the Right hand and Eye to him, being himself an old Defaultant, as well as an abetor and Protector of all those that your Petr. has any Concernment with about Laps land. Therefore humbly Prays your Honours to take it to Consideration, That your Petr May have Justice done him in the Premisses, According to the Rules in such Cases prescribed by the Government And he shall Pray

[ in pencil] 688 8