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LENHARTZ TREATMENT - ROUTINE METHOD OF ADMINISTERING 1st Day.--Milk, drachms 4, q. h. ad ounces 6, alternately with egg drachms 2, q. h. ad eggs No. 2 2nd Day.--Milk, drachms 6, q. h. ad ounces 10, alternately with egg, ounces 3, q. h. add eggs No. 3 3rd Day.--Milk, ounces 1 1/2 q. h. ad ounces 16, alternately with egg, drachms 5, q. h. add eggs No. 5, sugar gm. 20, added to eggs. 5th Day.--Milk, ounces 1 3/4, q. h. ad ounces 19, alternately with egg, drachms 6, q. h. ad eggs No. 6 6th Day.--Milk, ounces 2, q. h. ad ounces 22, alternately with egg, drachms 7, q. h. ad eggs No. 7, sugar gm. 40, added to eggs; raw scraped beef gm. 12, t. i. d. (gm. 36). 7th Day.--Milk, ounces 2, q. h. ad ounces 25, alternately with egg, drachms 4, q. h. ad eggs No. 4, sugar gm. 40, added to eggs; soft boiled egg I, q. h. (4 eggs) raw scraped beef gm. 23, t. i. d.; boiled rice gm. 100 q. d. (divide in 3 portions, serve with beef juice). 8th Day.--Milk, ounces 2 1/2, q. h. ad ounces 28; eggs as preceding day; sugar as preceding day; rice as preceding day; raw scraped beef as preceding day; Zwieback gm. 20 (10 gm. noon, 10 gm. evening). 9th Day.--Milk, ounces 3, q. h. ad ounces 32, alternately with eggs as on preceding day; raw scraped beef as on preceding day; rice gm. 200 (divide in 3 portions); Zwieback gm. 40 (in 2 portions). 10th Day.--Ad gm. 50, cooked chopped chicken. Ad butter gm. 20 (to be used with rice or Zwieback). 11th Day. 12th Day. 13th Day. 14th Day. } Here diet may be varied considerably. Usually intervals of taking milk and eggs gradually increased, e.g. milk ounces 6, q. 2 h.; egg drachms 4, with milk. May sometimes tire of rice and raw scraped beef, chopped chicken replacing it. Gradually rare beefsteak chop, broiled chicken given. Toast generally took place of Zwieback. Butter increased to gm. 40, q. d. on 11th day. Ice cream may frequently be given early. Other cereals may gradually replace rice; custards, junkets and jellies may be added late for purpose of varying diet. In early part of cure, usually up to 10th day, a strict adherence to routine should be insisted upon. METHOD OF SERVING VARIOUS FOODS: Milk, iced (kept in bowls of cracked ice). Eggs, beaten up raw, iced. Spoon also kept in bowl of ice. Patients never allowed to "help themselves." Slow feeding essential, frequent small feedings, fed by teaspoon. Cooked chopped chicken is substituted here for the raw ham of the original Lenhartz dietary. Occasionally patient may prefer to have milk and egg together, and this may be allowed. Salt eggs to taste. By 3rd day granulated sugar is added to egg.