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To the Rt: Honble the governr and councell The humble peticon of James Wallard Sheweth. That yor petr sued one Thomas Hill in Charles Citty Coun court in an [eror?] of trespass uppon the law against trading with servants. That the sd Hill obtained severall differences in the case at that court. And at length when the matter was ready and comeing uppon tryall the sd Hill appealed from his judges to yr honrs (that the last genl court were pleased to refferr the hearing of this appeals to this court but yr petr findes noething entered on the part of the apeallant nor his attorny any wayes [mistrusted?] and the sd Bill not appearing Yr petr prays [for?] remedy against Hill for this great delay by him informed as yr honr shall think fitt

[in pencil] 15 5