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To his Excy. Francis Nicholson Esqr. her Maty Lieutenant & Governr: of Virga. &c. The humble Peticon of Elizabeth Davis late of London [wd? (widow?)] Humbly Sheweth. That yor Petr [petitioner] being inform'd and fully satisfied by some of the best Advice and Council in England, That I am heir at Law to ye Estate of my Uncle Mr Devereux Brown formerly of Accomack and also to Mr Edmund Brown Son to ye sd Devereux. Engaged me thereupon to undertake a Dangerous and expensive voyag in a difficult and perilous Juncture, to seeke a farr Country; where (upon my Arrivall) by ye best informacon I find, That my sd Uncle dyed Intestate, And his wd [widow] (now Madam Tabitha Hill) possess'd herself of his sd whole Estate both reall and personall: and That she had Administred upon ye personall Estate, wch was very considerable Tho’ I cannot find by any Record of ye County, as yet, that ever any Inventory thereof was Exhited according to law, tho’ the Court tooke Bond wth security therefore. Matters thus standing & no heir appearing, severall great men of Estates and awfull in their Country at present enjoy ye sd Lands under an Escheate not knowing otherwise how to come by any colourable Title. And being told, May it please yor Ex:cy That some of y sd great p[er]sons have of late given you an untoward Account of my comeing hither [paper missing] [therein?] much misrepresented my Affair, Tho’ I am well assured That (according to yor Excy’s accustomed wisdom) you are not to be in such case prepossessd. All that I humbly begg therefore of yor Excy is; That you’l please to vouchsafe me yor Charitable & good opinion, assureing yor Ex:cy I have not exposed myself to ye perill of ye waves to no other end [but?] to be merely vexacious. All wch I hope will fully appeare before yor Excy at ye Generall Court whither it will be onely safe for me to apply my self & where I cannot doubt but to find Justice. And yor Petr will ever pray &c.