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What have they to propose To make peace and make all right they are now in Virginia where sevll murders have been committed of late wch they are suspected to have done whither do they design to live still like wolves and force us to knock them in the head or do they intend to live peaceably. and what injury have they to complain of that they should up both our tributarys and intrests thus They know of no murders nor of [illegible] away the Maherines, the Maherines followed them up to ye mountains of their own heads, tis [true?] great [cheekd?] George came with ye Maherines but do not know whether he persuaded them and they say the [illegible] by if they say they were forced away Will they bring in any Maherines that are yet among them They say they are all returnd to their towns that 3 of the Maherines [illegible] Mr Thomas and his [home?] [visit?] of themselves to ye Northwrd to buy ammunition, and Mr Thos told them he was afraid of being killed by ye [illegible] wch was ye reason he went off and when he came in last he did not call upon them at all [illegible] really from ye northward but his sons came to them and brot ammunition Who comd ye murders on Roanoke Maherine and James River and were ye Maherines concernd The Maherines [assumed?] were gone to ye northwd before they [were?] heard of the [frenards?] and one other was with them who are all [illegible] reld home as they suppose