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They cannot answer it without consulting their town, they may tell [yes?], and their people may be offended with them and not stand to their offer Why do they rather desire to live here than to return to their settlements in North Carolina They cant say till they know it from their people for they dont know whether all their people would be willing to return to Carolina, and what they proposed abt their settlemt is of their own heads and not by ordr of their people Why dont they go back to their old settlements and why do they stay where they are now They ran up there for fear of the Savannas Do they design to live always there No they intend to come down to [Tanintantarre?] Why dont they then go to Collo Pallock He knows nothing of him for none goes there but Blume Did Blume [illegible] desire them to come on and make peace No. Blume kept the letter that was sent to them in disdain of the English for that he would not be their letter carryer They see the fellon belonging to [Kinthaugh?] that took Will because he had shott at him while he was in [illegible] and that he held him to ye Senequas they knew he brot letters from Collo Pallock wch were carryed abt ye towns. They know Will was ye carryer of the letters