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Onondago 1 Afshee Aughshee Canayoul 1 Tannasourat Cannaughtoura Cayouga 1 Canon[iot?] 2 Cannestayo 1 Govr glad to [see?] you as they are at peace with N York hope are for [others?] A desire nothing for peace Are you [desirous?] to be at peace with all Indians of this gove A they are willing to be at peace with Natto Mahr Nansd and Tashe but [illegible] what to say of ye Saponas Are you willing to be at peace with them A [illegible] Saps will not make peace with you But if the govt will oblige the Saponas to be at peace will they [illegible] peace on their part A aftr consultation among ye [elders?] and that if a peace should be concluded [illegible] the Sapona’s will not keep it they having often broke their word If the Saponas break ye peace this govt will not any longer protect [them?] A they had a message from ye govr 2 years ago by [illegible] that they should not kill ye Saponas but they had and that sometimes before ye Saponas had killd [illegible] and doth not know why they should have peace with such people That while Tannaughstoura went to Annaphis to speak with ye govr ye Saponas milled 4 of their people They killed one Sapona in ye [Corafield?] at Christanna without any provocation A they say they came peaceably and ye Saponas followed them and killed them When people are at war all advantages are fair but if a peace be agreed to this govt will take care the Saponas that keep it A they compld [illegible] Addison of their people being killd on Potomack he gave them 3 guns and bid them look out for ye Indns that had done it, that the people who were in [Compal?] with ye men killed [hard?] ye Indians [ary?] out they were [Samur?] and [Tettores?]