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Nattoway [Nottoway] King wonders the Govr will let the Saponies live on ye ffort Was he one of the Natts that attacked ye ffort Says he was Was his brother there No How many were Eight How many Tusk? 40. Senequas [Senecas] 6. Maherines 12 no Nansd [Nansemond]. Did he know ye English were there. yes Why did they fire while the English were there Says it was ye Senequas fired on ye ffort. Tusks killed ye woman Who was Captn A Tuska Captn Was Colo Hill there? No Wch 7 were with him? Jeremy & Did he think the Govr refused justice when are promised to punish ye Saps if they could prove ye fact Made no ansr Maherins askd why they were to attack ye ffort Because Saponies killd one of their own a good while ago Do they own themselves to be undr this Govt Yes. Where was ye man killd On this side ye Crook a little above ye Nansd town abt 2 or 3 years ago Are they resolved to be at war wth ye Saps They must defend themselves Why did they fight agt ye English in ye Kings fort Natte [Nottoway] askd are they Resolved to be at war with ye Saps Don’t desire to be at war

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