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Nattoways The king Ouraguero Jemmy Carthooktera or Wm Quaneegh ho Toughkare hooktie A Onghkekera Taontaughkie Son[?]ughehre[?] Maherines Cayahouts Connasquitugh Ca[w?]eeougko Tarari Noantah Tayas[he?]rattou Tackararis Rarionte Suntrihoughket Cannaghskura Ferattawasa 11 Cannaughskoora did not go

[in pencil bottom right corner] 4

[90 degrees counterclockwise] Fragment Seems to be part of a “Talk” with Indians in which charges between Saponies and Tuscaruraks seem to be the subject of the talk. [notably?] about the date of the letter to Colo. Hunter 1715