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1. Examination of Indians Are you great men of the Tusks, and are you sent with [illegible]. We are sent by our town called Tewanihow wch is a part of the Tusks What are your names- Haweesaris Angliced Basket and Naroiuiackkos, Anglicd George. Do you come only from yr own town. From none but their own town Were there not sevll other people with them- none- What is he name of ye town they lived in in ye Tusk Country They were call’d Tanitantarrs, and they have lived in Tookhas and Rarowcathsee Are all ye people that came to R. Box of their towns. They are abt 100 men and a many women and children of their town. What’s ye name of ye town they lived in last Lived in Ya-ho-wick-ha a creek but when he war began in Rarowcathsee What do you do where our - friend them We were afraid of the English and did not care to concern themselves in ye war and so retired Were you at Naharooka- none of them were Were not sevll of your men prisoners to the So Car: troops- no. We do not send for you here to try you, therefore we expect the truth, for ‘tis sd you are compos’d of sevll towns that made escape from ye So Car: Indians. They will not tell a ly wittingly. Hawee-earis is brother to Chongeraris and ye Indian attending them was here wth Blunts brother, and came to tell of Hancocks’ being taken.