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3 Govr will let them know whether he thinks it reasonable Whatever the governr pleases to propose for settling peace they are willing to submitt to They are settled within ye govt. of Virga are they willing to continue in this government, and on what terms do they desire a peace They desire to be on Roanoke River near the trading path called Weecacana, but had rather ye govr would appoint them a place for their settlement Do they desire to live in ye same manner as our tributarys do, a what do they mean by this proposal They cannot answer it without consulting their town- they may tell yes and their people may be offended with them and not stand to their offers. Why do they rather desire to live here than to return to their old settlemts in North Carolina They can’t say till they know it from their people, for they don’t know whether all their people would be willing to return to Carolina, and what they proposed abt their settlemt is of their own heads and not by order of their people. Why dont they go back to their old settlement and why do they stay where they are now. They ran up then for fear of the Savannas