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Thomas Fur was comitt’d on the complaint of one Rout upon the felonious stealing of some tann’d leather from the said Rout and a court was appointed for examination of the said Furr the Justice did not any of them meet at the day appointed upon wch the said Rout applyed to this deponent and asked him what he should do in the affair this deponent avissed the said Rout to go to a justice and get another warrent to apprehending the said Furr and have a further day appointed for his examination wch the said Rout told this deponent he did and that the majestrate hee applyed to refused to grant him a warrent saying that the sheriff might keep him in custody by vertue of the warrent he had upon wch Furr was released out of custody and this deponent does not know of his being taken up for the same since This deponent saith that he heard Mr Mercer say that the persons who signed the petition and [awhile?] against him were all raskalls rogues and villians and might kiss his arss this he said to Mr McCarty when they quarelled at March court and the night before at supper in Mr Dents house at one of wch times he added that he would tell them so before the governor This deponent saith that he did tell Mr Mercer at Prince William court in March last that the affair of the petition and [whiles?] exhibited against him by Capt Colvilt and others was alwas kept first from him and that he never knew anything of them till Mr Barry told him of them when he came from Stafford court ye week before