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In the Suit brought by Dan A. McCarty Gent against John Gardiner for rideing a stray horse of the said McCartys ye Deft proved he had [posted?] the said horse but not at Every Church and Chappell and at the Court house of the said County as the law Directs the Jury found a verdict for the Plt forty five shilling damage to the best of this Deponents remembrance. Mr. Mercer Insisted that the damages should be doubled and it was so and Judgment entered for the same In the Suit brought by Dennis McCarty Gent. against John Young a verdict was found for the plaintiff the damage being under forty shillings and it being a Tresspass for breaking his Close and taking a Colt Mr Mercer desired that the Court might order that it should be entered on Record that the tresspass was wilfull to the intent the plaintif might recover his full Costs and it was Entered accordingly Upon some debates wch arose last year upon Capt Colvils proposing the stay of Executions till sometime in the Spring following Mr Mercer opposed the same and said the Court had no power to do it upon which Capt Colvil told him that his advice was not asked and that he had no business to speak or Concern himself wth. it Mr Mercer answerd he had for that he was Employed by severall persons against Robt. Jones Gent. Sheriff of Prince William County the person about whom the debate first arose and had some demands of his own and that neither he nor his Clients ought to be delayed of their debts upon which Capt. Colvil in some warmth rose up and told Mr Mercer he had no business to meddle in the debate and bid Mr Mercer goe to his place pointing to the Barr Mr Mercer being then at the Clerks Table Mr Mercer said he was at his place and that he had sat there before Capt Colvil was a Justice and would not remove unless he was ordered by the Court that Capt: Colvil being but one he would have the opinion of the rest of the members then sitting wch Capt Colvil told him he should and asked the Courts opinion accordingly and the majority of ye members agreeing that Mr Mercer might stay where he was Capt Colvil asked two or three of them their names wch he seemed to Enter in a munite book he had then in his hand upon wch. Mr Mercer sat down and sd I dont value your Impudent malice as this Deponent understood the words Mr Mercer Likewise told Capt Colvil that he had an evidence then at Court who would prove that Capt Colvil said in his own house some small time before that he would not have accepted of the Comission of the peace but to oppose Mr Mercer and to serve Mr Sherman wch. Capt Colvil Denyed and dessired Mr Mercer to name his Auther, Mr Mercer named Mr Nathel. Chapman: who was sent for

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