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John Sherman being sworn and examined saith that in a suit brought by John Mercer against Nelson and an attachment served in the hands of one Spiller that the said Mercer advanced in court that the garnishee could not be allowed his discount because he had not attached in his own hands upon which one of the court asked Mr Mercer whether he affirmed that to be law which the said Mercer said he did and that it was law and the practice of other courts and another of the justices speaking to the said Mercer to the same purpose the said Mercer said wth: a smile you may hold your tongue for it is your own case in Stafford and he believes the discount was not allowed by the court and he believes the said Mercer did not design to affront the justices in saying he might hold his tongue and that he does not know of any unfair practice of the said Mercer in Prince William court other then what is contained in this deposision and that the said Mercer has had the oppertunity of being some suits against the deponent wch he did not