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Sir By the letter herewith addressed to your self and your assembly you will be informed of the success of yr applications to their government, tho I lose no time in recommending your case to our assembly yet the obtaining that small assistance, which they have voted for you mett with so much difficulty in our lower house I could not dispatch your messenger sooner. and I must tell you it cost a great deal of pains and address to bring that house to contribute in any manner to your relief. It was upon the representation in your letter that the burgesses voted the supply of 900 yds of duffells, which they look upon to be only lent upon the expectation of repayment from yr government. And according to their sense the thousand pound they have now resolved to raise is also lost and as an engagement on yor government, whenever you shall be able to reimburse that charge, the you will observe it is otherwise worded in their address which was obtained by the council before they concurred therein. And you may be assured I shall not press you therein in yor present extremitys. The smallness of the sum will make it the more necessary to husband it to the best advantage, for which reason it will be convenient to have a consultation with you, or some deputys from yr government to advise of proper measures for carrying on an expedition suitable to this [friend?] and as to if time and place of [mooling?] I shall wave it to yr nomination. You may perceive by the latter part of my answer to the assemblys address that I have endeavoured to draw them to a further assistance; and whatever resolutions they may take thereon I shall be very ready to do my part the [advanced?] season of the year will render any