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further explain at our consultation: Had our assembly raised a [store?] pett forme to command in person I should have hoped by my presence to have obliged the hither towns of the Tuscaruros to declare themselves, but some other measures must now be taken. And if you have still any hopes of [foreds?] from South Carolina, I shall be glad to know when you expect them on your frontiers. That if possible the march of ours may be regulated so as they may fall on at the same time. After all if rumours that have been spread both in yor province and South Carolina, as if I had connived as a trade with the Tuscaruros it is a particular satisfaction to me that both governmts have done me the justice to believe otherwise and I have been so far from countenancing any such comerce, that [illegible] [illegible] the proclamation issued immediately upon ye news of ye massacre would not [illegible] both cast session of assembly and this and sent down by ye council for restraining that trade because a breach of [illegible] would only be punished as a misdemeanor I procured bills to be prepared for a prohibition of all trade under very severe penaltys, [thus?] by an [illegible] disagreemt between the two houses. Those bills have been reprised by the burgs; however care hath been taken ever since he first views of the massacre to restrain trade by