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Fredrick County Js Philip Burwell personally appeared before me one of his majesties justices of the peace for the county of Fredrick and made oath that himself and James Kealing were both soldiers at one time of the Virginia regiment in the company commanded by Capn Bucknor. That he saw James Keeling with his arm in a sling and every other appearance of a broken bone, and he was informed that Keeling had received the hurt helping to raise a fort at Lond Island on Holsteins River a day or two before. He also deposith that it was mention that the hurt was of such a nature that Keelings arm must be taken off and further that he is fully of opinion the present weak and much disabled condition of his arm was occasioned by the above hurt. and that the sd Keeling was (before receiving the hurt) always reputed an active good soldier- Sworn before me this day of