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I do certifie that Timothy Conway served near eighteen month as a soldier in the company of rangers commanded by Capn John Ashbey, and at the time I inlisted him into the sd. company it appeared that he had received a wound thro, the wrist of his right arm, which I always [heard?], and clearly understood, he received at the battle of the meadows, under the imediate command of Colo. George Washington, and thus sometime after he was inlisted, his wound gangesed and broke out in to an ulcer which continued so the greater part of the time he was in the service, I also will remember, that I as sundry times dressd his wound, and extracted several pieces of fractured bone from the same, and I do further certifie that the said Conway behaved as a good and brave soldier during his continuance in the sd. company Tho Rutherford Lieutt. of the sd. compa. of [Fangasa?] Berkeley 4th May 1774 To any whom it may concern