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To the honble the speaker and gentlemen of the house of burgesses of Virginia. The petition of Timothy Conway Humbly Sheweth That your petitioner being at the battle of the meadows under the command of Colo. George Washington, received a wound through the wrist of his right arm, which greatly endangered his life, and was therefore discharged the service, and struggling under every difficulty consequent of his distressed circumstance, his wound having discharged several peices of shatterd bone, and thinking himself, so much recovered, that he could again serve his country, inlisted into the ranging company comanded by Capt. John Ashbey in the year 1755, in which service he continued about eighteen month, when the sd. company were disbanded, he then inlisted again into the Virginia regiment, and continued in that service, in Capt Waggoners company till after General [Forbeses?] campaign, in the year 1758, the many hardships your petitioner suffered during that long and painfull service, occasioned his wound to break out into an ulcer which was thought incurable and was again discharged the service, and under those circumstances, has never since received the smalest assistance, or support, from his country and it is with reluctance that he sues for assistance at this time, but being now under the weight of old age and unable to labour for support of life, he therefore humbly prays the assistance of this honble. house, and as in duty bound shall ever pray etc