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To the hone the speaker and house of burgesses The petition of Simon Miller and Robert Rennolds inspectrs of tobacco at Laytons Warehouses in Essex County Humbly sheweth that the said warehouses, altho’ secured by good and sufficient locks, were broke open in the years 1771 and 1772, and that 2 hhds of crop tobo passed to Francis Waring, and James Clark, as per dates, marks, numbers and weights below, were stolen and carried away;- That your petitioners obtained search warrents, and took every legal and probable step to recover the same, but failing therein, were obliged to pay the holders of the notes for said tobacco. Your petitrs beg leave to refer to the several affidavits and receipts hereto annexed in support of their allegations, and hope, from the known justice of this honorable house, to be reimbursed their loss, and they will pray etc,