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To the honble the speaker and gentlemen of the house of burgesses the petition of sundry inhabitants of Amherst County Humbly Sheweth That we the [subs?] having been applyed to some time ago to sign a petition for establishing a ferry across the Fluvanna River at or near the tower end of [H?] [paper missing] Trents plantation in the county aforesaid, to the opposite [s?] [paper missing] of Nicholas Davies in the county of Bedford, did, (not bein[g?] properly informed thereof) [su]bscribe to the [illegible] we are convinc’d there is no necessity for the said ferry, there being already one within three or four miles below and another about the same distance above, the roads leading to each of which we believe to be equal as good if not better than can be had to the place proposed. Therefore we do humbly pray that we