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This honourable house that he took great pains and some difficulty to attend the court as the weather was extremely cold and raining and finding that the gentlemen justices did not attend he thought it his duty to enquire into the state of the prisoner and found he was bitt by the frost to such a degree that it commanded pity from every human breast. Your petitioner applyed to the goaler to procure a nurse which accordingly was done the best that could be procured with the view that the said slave should either punish by the laws of our country and not suffer death in the cold goal. Your pettitioner farther begs leave to inform this honourable house that there were several days appointed for the tryal aforesaid but never one to be held untill the month of May in the year of our lord god one thousand seven hundred and seventy two the severity of the weather is well known, in which time the negroe doctor or [illegible] aforesaid [though?] age and infermitty was renderd incapable of attending as a witness the county court of Stafford thought proper to acquit the said Sharper. Your pettitioner took the poor distressd slave home and nurs’d him with all the tender care he was capable of but the wound was so great that first his feet came off and then his legs grew worse untill he died in the month of and as your pettitioner begs leave to assure this honourable house that his behaviour on the aforesaid occasion was entirely inteded to punish such wickedness as he was fully satisfied was intended by the said Sharper in hopes to deter others from such like attempts which is too common in our country and as by that means lost a valuable slave. Your pettitioner humbly hopes this honourable house will take it under their tender consideration