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[based on my reading of this page and a check on Ancestry, the surname appears to have been spelled with a "j" and not a "y". See especially, the very clear hand written addresses on images 6 and 7]

Form 2214 U. S. Department of Labor Naturalization Service

Note particularly - For use of Aliens who arrived before June 29, 1906. Facts for Petition for Naturalization

Clerk of court and applicant should read these instructions carefully. Clerks of courts should refuse to execute petitions for aliens who arrived in the United States after June 29, 1906, until certificate of arrival is furnished the clerk by the Bureau of Naturalization, after request of the alien on Form 2226. (See rule 5 of the Regulations.) A copy of this form (2214) should be furnished by the clerk of court to each applicant for a petition for naturalization who arrived in this country on or before June 29, 1906, so that he can at his leisure fill in the answers to the questions. The clerk of the court must collect the fee of $4 before he commences to fill out the petition. No fee is chargeable for this blank or for the execution thereof by the clerk or deputy clerk. After being filled out, the form is to be returned to the clerk, to be used by him in properly filling out the petition. Witnesses must be citizens of the United States. If any witness is a naturalized citizen, he must take his certificate of citizenship, or so-called second paper, to the court when the petition is filed, and also when it is heard by the court.

My name is Alexandre George Mirassyedji, also known as Alexandre G. "[Miras?]"

1. My place of residence is 518 So. Jefferson St. (Number and name of street.) Petersburg (City or town.) Prince George (County.) Virginia (State. Territory, or District.) 2. My present occupation is agent 3. I was born on the 31 day of August, 1886, at Constantinople (city or town.), Turkey (Country.) 4. I emigrated to the United States from Naples, (Place where alien got on ship or train to come to the United States.) Italy, (Country) on or about the 6 day of June, 1907, and arrived in the United States at the port of New York (Port of Arrival.), N.Y. (State.) on the 24 day of June, 1907, on the vessel Campania [Compagne?] General Italiana (If the alien arrived otherwise than by vessel, the character of conveyance or name of transportation company should be given.) 5. I declared my intention No 28878 to become a citizen of the United States on the 15 day of November 1909, at So. District of N.Y. in the Circuit Court of the United States in the name entered above. Alexandre George Mirassyedji (If the declaration does not bear true name of alien as entered above, please show on the above line the name in which first paper was made.) 6. I am "[blank]" married. My wife's name is "[blank]" (Petitioner, if a widower, should give the name of his wife when living, and state place of her birth and fact of her death; If not married, he should enter "not" in first sentence.) She was born in "[blank]" (City or town) [blank] (Country) on the "[blank]" day of "[blank]", 18"[blank]" and now resides at [blank] (Number and street.) [blank] (City or town.) [blank] (State or country.) I have "[blank]" children, and the name, date, and place of birth, and place of residence of each of said children is as follows: "[blank]", born "[blank]" day of "[blank]", 1"[blank]", at "[blank]"; resides at "[blank]" "[line repeats 7 times]" 7. I now owe allegiance to "[blank]" (Name of sovereign and country of which alien is now a subject.) 8. I am yes able to speak the English language 9. I have resided continuously in the United States since the "[blank]" day of June, 1907, and in the { State Territory District of "[blank]" since the "[blank]" day of "[blank]", 1"[blank]" 10. I have "[blank]" heretofore made petition for United States citizenship.(If petitioner has heretofore made application for citizenship, the facts required should be fully stated in the following blanks:) I previously petitioned for citizenship to the "[blank]" Court, at "[blank]" (City or town.), "[blank]" (State, Territory, or District.), on the "[blank]" day of "[blank]", 1 "[blank]" , which was denied for the following reason: "[blank]" The cause of such denial has since been cured or removed. Give names, occupations, and residence addresses of two witnesses, citizens of the Untied States, who have known you for at least five years, last past, as a resident of the State in which petition is made, who will make affidavit that your are a person of good moral character, that you are qualified in every way to be admitted a citizen of the Unites States, and who will appear with you before the clerk when petition is filed and also be present at the hearing of the petition by the court. If you have resided in the State in which petition is made for at least one year, last past, but less than five years, the two witnesses must verify the entire period of residence within said State, and the remaining portion of the five years' residence in some other State must be established at the hearing by the testimony of the same or other witnesses appearing in person, or by depositions taken under section 10 of the naturalization act of June 29, 1906. The required form for notice to take depositions may be obtained from the clerk of court when petition is filed.

George [Fiakas?] (Name.), "[Blank]" (Occupation.), "[Blank]" (Residence address.) [Dyer IR?] (Name.), "[Blank]" (Occupation.), "[Blank]" (Residence address.) Names of witnesses who will be substituted by me if those appearing with me at the time of filing my petition for naturalization are unable to appear at the hearing - "[Blank]" (Name.), "[Blank]" (Occupation.), "[Blank]" (Residence address.) "[Blank]" (Name.), "[Blank]" (Occupation.), "[Blank]" (Residence address.) Each of the above-named witnesses has known me at least "[Blank]" years. I herewith present my Declaration of Intention to become a citizen of the United States. 14--42