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Wednesday night - Dear Boozie - I'm writing tonight because we're going to Norfolk at 8 o'clock tomorrow - I think I would have had to write you anyway because it's the nicest rainy night - just a soft drizzle - and it's so nice on the porch - I walked out there just a minute and wished for you so I had to come tell you about it - I got to the wedding alright - It was very sweet - very much like ours, except that Hinky and Brooks stayed after the ceremony and kissed everybody and shook hands, etc - I'm glad we didn't go thru' all that! You know, Boozie, I'm going to so may things without you that I almost feel like a real widow! and I don't like it! I went over with Morgan and Beulah but came back with Bernice because Morgan wanted to follow Hinson - He bought a ball and chain for the car, but I don't know whether he had a chance to put it on or not - We all threw loads of rice on them, though - Ellis is trying to get me to bed early tonight because he wants to listen to the fight