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over my radio, and I had rather hear Kay Kyser, of course - However, I think going to bed early would be a good idea if I have to try to keep up with Mother in Norfolk tomorrow! Looks as if we'll leave for Georgia either Saturday or Sunday - We haven't heard yet whether Flip will be home for the 4th, but we don't expect him - Daddy plans to go to see Grandmother when we go to Georgia - I hate to miss a day getting a letter from you, so you'd better send your Saturday letter (you'll get this on Saturday, I think) to Valdosta - 1208 North Patterson St., Valdosta, Georgia - Mother is trying to call Flip now to ask about his plans - She hasn't gotten him yet - Please mail a letter Saturday, and I'll hope it will get to Valdosta by Monday -- I'll be so far from you then I'll need that letter more than ever! I always need them - I wouldn't take anything for getting one every day - You've been grand about writing, Boozie - and it has helped so much - it has kept me going - I hope you won't ever hesitate to write anything you want to - after all, I'm your wife, you know - And since you can't tell me, you may as well write it to me - That good rain is still coming down - How does it sound on a tent?