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Mother and Dorie went to the florists this afternoon in Suffolk - Mother brought me a pair of miniature vases - you remember I wanted some so badly in Richmond but they cost so much that I went to the 5 + 10 and got a little medicine glass instead - I like them so well I think I'll collect them - These Mother brought are about 2 1/2 inches high (some are smaller) and just large enough for a sprig or two of forget-me-nots - Bernice told me that she is actually planning to take a trip - She and two other [B+PYs?] are driving to Maine Saturday week - I'm certainly glad - and I hope she does go this time! Did you have to wait on tables just one day? That wasn't so bad, except getting up early - If Mother talks to Flip and we change our plans I'll write on the envelope flap, or somewhere - I'll have to stop now