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The apprehensions which you espress, that this situation may prove unhealthy and much infested by muscitoes etc but my fears on this subject have been much diminished by the little observation which I have had an opportunity of making of the circumjacent country, which I find generally more elevated and exempt from water than I had supposed or thaw it was reported to be by the surveyors. Micasuckie lake which you understand, and I believe correctly to be liable to these objections, is too remote to have any influences prejudicial to this neighborhood- the nearest point is about 5 miles direct and the intermediate country is generally high pine barrow. The source of my uneasiness on the score of health is such as applied to almost every situation in the country, that’s to say several fresh water ponds which must necessarrily be within a 1/4 of a mile of my house- they however are small and as I before remarked have streams of water from them and I suspect that several of them may be easily drained- and I think that upon the whole my chance for health is as good as that presented by most situations in this country. The idea suggested in one of your letters as to the best mode of investing my funds had presented themselves to my own mind, and I had determined to act in conformity to them, until Colo. Gamble offered me his land on terms so moderate as induced me to abandon my original designs, and to secure at once an establishment, which the cost taken into consideration is as desirable as any that my circumstances gave a reasonable hope of my being able to procure.