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Investment of her funds should be made, i was waiting until the situation of my affairs would enable me without much inconvenience to devote my attention for some time to that business. I understood however from Colo. John Gamble when last at his home that he on behalf of mama had purchased of his brother Robert a tract of land situated about three or four miles south of me and about the same distance from his house- The terms you will no doubt have been apprised of before this reaches you- The land I understood is very fine, for from reasons above mentioned I had not examined it, particularly as it was not understood that I was to be consulted, and therefore was not hurt that it was not done, and have no other feeling on the subject, than that the most advantageous arrangement to her interest, should be made- There will be a remainder I am informed by Colo. J Gamble to be laid out in land at government price- And I have no doubt that by taking time, very profitable investments may still be made, in such land and I trust that you need no verbal assurances of the earnest solicitude which I feel for such a result. By the next mail replies to sundry queres in several of your letters and particulars of my own proceedings.