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Clay ashland Febuary 9th 1867 Rev RR Gurly My steemed friend it is a long time since I heard from you by letter It seems that that the Great War has had a tendency to seperate friends almost in every part of the world. I have been quite afflicted for the last year with Rhuematism from my neck down to my fist. - and much of the time had to be lifted about like a child. I have gotten up so far as to be able to attend to my business. My family are all enjoying very good health, my older daughter is now grown to be a fine looking young woman I sincerely hope that she may marry and do well. Though I have great fears to the contray as good husbands are few and far apart in Liberia My boys are also growing up quite fast and will soon be young men. I have not been able to work at my trade for the last yeare, and the southern mission to which I belong has cease to operate in Liberia from the commencement of the war to to the present time, nor do I know that they even will be able to operate again. We have been left since 61, without any missionary aid. The church at this place and of which I am pastor is still in a good condition. We have regular services, and sabbath school