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I have just returned from a sea trip as far as Cape Palmas, in the large Emigrant ship Golconda I had the pleasure of visiting the churches of [Sinae cty?] and Cape Palmas, ordaining two ministers to the ministry of the gospel - and encouraging those destitute churches, I saw the emigrants landed fixed in there [sic] new homes all pretty well and comfortable I was happy to notice that they all seem to be satisfied I returned home found all well, and my health greatly improved. A kind providence [preposed?] me for my years affliction. My apprentice boys both in the taning and shoemaking trade ware far enough advanced to carry on the business by which means I have been comfortable supported My family including all numbers 18. The war of the United States has effected us much though in this far land, every thing very scarce and very high. The affliction caused by the war of the United States have been very great, yet we cannot but [enjoin?] it as the means employed by God to break the strong bond of slavery. Many means was employed by God in Egypt to free Israel from bondage, but none availed until blood was sheed. Many means have resorted in the United States to let Ethiopia go- but nothing would avail until blood was shed. Who can fight against the great God I am happy to see by the last emigration that our friends are looking towards Africa to be there home