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Homeland Cottage Spotsya. Co. Va. Jany. 7th ‘49 Dear Wm. not having heard for more than a month from you or any of our friends at the South- I have concluded to write I saw your brother Henry a few days since and all were as well as usual, no chills and fevers in the family, as were, in the early part of summer- he says you wish to purchase Tom, Nancy’s husband- he can’t be sold, he and seven others were bequeathed to my mother during her life and to her children, after that time, to be equally divided and I cant see how we could make sale of him- besides, he when I consulted him the other days, was unwilling to go- Elizabeth is very desirous to buy [Cilsy?] Thomas’ girl, and she and Eliza her mother are willing to the arrangement if it can be made, in truth she treats her children so cruelly that Mary and [Cilsy?] both manifest no objection to a seperation - we would take her at appraised value and int. on that sum till paid -