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Homeland Cottage Spotsya. Co. Va. Jany. 7th ‘49 Dear Wm. not having heard for more than a month from you or any of our friends at the South- I have concluded to write I saw your brother Henry a few days since and all were as well as usual, no chills and fevers in the family, as were, in the early part of summer- he says you wish to purchase Tom, Nancy’s husband- he can’t be sold, he and seven others were bequeathed to my mother during her life and to her children, after that time, to be equally divided and I cant see how we could make sale of him- besides, he when I consulted him the other days, was unwilling to go- Elizabeth is very desirous to buy [Cilsy?] Thomas’ girl, and she and Eliza her mother are willing to the arrangement if it can be made, in truth she treats her children so cruelly that Mary and [Cilsy?] both manifest no objection to a seperation - we would take her at appraised value and int. on that sum till paid - Glory the negro man belonging to the estates has returned home with his foot badly cut with an axe while engaged cutting cord wood at night in the neighbourhood of the rail yard he was hired [at?] work on his own account I learn; he wishes to be hired and to go to the same place- please write, after consulting with Thos. and Chas what you all desire shall be done with him, Mr. Gehooler says it is best to hire him as he will bring 80 or 90 dollars per annum and