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would not sell for more than $450 if that sum you speak of sending for the negroes (I learn from Henry) I should like you to let me know about the time you think you will send, as it is necessary to my arrangement for another crop- I should miss charles’ lot more than either, as they are getting large enough to be worth something, Jerry is a very valuable boy, tho’ he is rather too small at this time, to plough and do other work upon a plantation- If I am informed in time as above mentioned it will be no serious inconvenience to me- I am anxious to own [Cilsy?] as she nurses little Charles and we would miss her more than any of them, be sure to see Thos. about her- [pablie?] work and the iron mines etc, have raised the hire of negroes more than 20 per cent in this country this year. We are all as well as we generally are. Though Elizabeth complains sometimes, her health has been delicate for some time past- give my love to all and write soon-