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The Gen looks about the same, except that his beard seems to be frosted, as though he had passed through many severe winters. Since my last attack of sickness, old age begins to show itself very plainly in my beard and head I shall be forty eight the 8th of Sepber. My health is still improving though very slowly, I am able to try to preach once on sabbath and to attend to a bible class in the afternoon and to look after my apprentices during the week, who are learning the business of taning and shoemaking. My farm has suffered during my sickness it being about three miles back from the place where I live and I being unable to walk. Rose would go out to it ocaisianly I have quite a number of coffee trees growing and this year we commenced to gather a little coffee and every yeare for the next five years the coffee will increase, I hope to be able to send the Gen some coffee from my farm before long Coffee, cassadas, and sweet potatoes are the principal things raised on my farm. Sugar cane is raised quite abundantly by the farmers in the St. Pauls River We have quite a good garden, Eddars (which answers to your Irish potatoes) sweet potatoes, beans, cale, greens, etc are about the principle vegetables that we have growing, we have various fruits which may be gathered more or less all the yeare. Rose is quite busy all the time having cows to milk, and 18 in family to look after in the way of preparing them food and clothing, she is quite complaining at this time, as she is expecting in a week or two. Mr Gurly writes me that Ephriam is dead and that my mother is still living. I wrote to Selina but have not heard a word from her. I might say much more that might interest you but my paper is about to give out Rose joins me in the kindest rememberance to yourself the Gen and all the family, please write as often as you can and tell us all the news He humble servt Wm. C. Burke